Ground Systems Operations & Engineering

Qwaltec provides satellite operations & maintenance services including ground systems operations, maintenance, and management involving multiple sites both within and outside the contiguous United States (CONUS and OCONUS).

We also provide on-orbit engineering for multi-satellite constellations. Our responsibilities include supplying expertise in the design and function of the satellites and maintaining an in-depth understanding of assigned subsystems. Other services include on-console engineering support, anomaly troubleshooting and resolution support, mission planning support, training, and telemetry trending and analysis.

Mission Readiness

Qwaltec engineers ensure ground systems are ready and mission operations personnel are properly trained and certified for satellite launch and on-orbit operations. Our engineers have extensive mission readiness experience on NASA, DoD, NOAA, and commercial programs.

Our mission readiness services include operations concept development; simulation and rehearsal planning, execution and evaluation; procedure and documentation design, development and verification; and transition planning.

Systems Engineering

Qwaltec provides systems engineering support for complex technical programs. Our engineers develop a deep understanding of your system in order to deliver solutions that meet both budget and schedule requirements. Our foundational, real-world experience in engineering and operations provide valuable, one-of-a-kind expertise for our customers. From requirements development and management to system development and implementation, our engineers seamlessly integrate with your team while applying systems thinking and disciplined engineering practices.

Software Engineering

Our software engineers develop application software requiring knowledge and familiarity in several areas including command and control, real-time operations, mission planning, touch-based user interfaces, heads-up displays and data links.

Qwaltec’s software expertise allows for tuning and optimization of our customers’ applications. We work intimately with our customers to define and understand their functional requirements and provide software development services for new capabilities and extensions to their current system. Qwaltec expertly manages software releases to ensure the releases deliver required enhancements and resolve software bugs.

Technical Training

Utilizing industry-proven instructional design principles in our customized training programs, Qwaltec works closely with you to develop training solutions that meet your business goals, achieve measurable results, and maximize your return on investment.

Our highly-diversified teams create tailored and efficient training solutions leveraging a staff of skilled engineers who have the ability to break down traditionally complicated systems into manageable elements. Based on our extensive experience in developing quality custom training programs for complex manned and unmanned space programs, data processing and exploitation facilities, deployable operations centers, enterprise systems, and software applications, we are proud to be regarded as one of the world’s leading training providers for highly dynamic and technical programs. We combine technology, subject matter expertise, and multimedia creativity to provide training solutions that meet the demands of your organization.

Our Product Offerings

From developing control centers to writing training materials, our experts provide our customers with the customized tools and knowledge they need to successfully run their program.

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