Control Center Development

Qwaltec has vast experience working with various command and control centers in high-tempo and dynamic programs within commercial, NASA and DoD organizations. We build confidence and contribute to the success of our customers control centers through our thorough understanding of their needs. We provide consulting and implementation services for developing and integrating a fully functioning Mission Control Center. We install, integrate, configure and test control center workstations including display systems, video controls and mission clock needs. Once configured and operational, we perform testing and validation to verify network data flows, satellite communication flows, voice communications and critical commanding capabilities. Qwaltec will also generate any required user documentation and procedures.

Operations Assessments

How do you prove to your team and your stakeholders that you are ready for launch? How can you optimize your limited resources to improve operations and training? Are you managing your software assets efficiently?

Qwaltec can help you answer these questions with our Operations Assessments. We will perform a Mission Readiness, O&M Efficiency, Training Needs, Software Asset Management, or custom assessment to meet your unique needs. Our assessment gives you the confidence you need to ensure your ground system and your team are performing at maximum efficiency.

Based on our broad experience with NASA, DoD and commercial programs, we are able to evaluate all aspects of your operations and give you actionable steps to achieve overall readiness. Our assessments are used to verify readiness for our customers’ internal management as well as investors, partners and insurance companies. Our goal is to help you improve the overall performance of your operations team and your system.

Technical Documentation

A thorough understanding of our customers’ complex system or satellite is critical to the development of accurate and effective documentation. Our documentation personnel are experienced engineers who write and maintain operations, technical and maintenance manuals for operations centers and complex systems. We also generate any necessary documentation specific to a mission such as operations procedures which are validated and tested prior to real world execution. Qwaltec’s engineers also produce training materials for operator and systems engineer training and simulations critical to mission success.

Training Curriculum

Qwaltec develops complete learning packages designed to achieve the objectives of your training program. We use an established systematic process for the assessment and development of your training solution. To deliver training effectiveness and value, we identify who will be taught, validate what will be taught, and define how it will be taught. Our training curriculum packages are customized to meet your unique needs and include a Task Analysis, Training Plan, Certification Guides as well as classroom lessons, computer based training lessons and e-learning. We use best practices gained from our extensive experience with NASA, DoD, and commercial customers to provide streamlined content designed for actionable and verifiable results. Our ability to transform highly complex technical information into easy to understand training products is both proven and unparalleled.

Our Service Offerings

With solutions tailored to fit every workflow, we provide our clients with any support necessary for getting their mission off the ground.

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