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Logo | General Dynamics

General Dynamics

Qwaltec provides training, operations readiness, and technical documentation for the NASA Space Network (SN) Ground Segment Sustainment (SGSS) Program. Qwaltec provides systems engineering and ground segment architecture design for the NASA SGSS program Maintenance Training Facility, Fleet Management and Control, and Tracking Services elements. Qwaltec provides real-time on-orbit engineering and analysis support for the Navy Satellite Operations Center (NAVSOC).

Logo | Orbital


Qwaltec provides mission readiness support for satellite programs including operations concept development, on-orbit procedures and documentation, training plans, simulation planning and coordination. Qwaltec provides concept development, architecture design, and requirements development for a government mission planning system. Qwaltec develops and scripts satellite on-orbit procedures. Qwaltec provided integration and test support to a NASA satellite program including development of test plans and procedures and test execution.

Logo | NASA


Qwaltec provides mission operations management and flight readiness management roles for the NPOESS Preparatory Project (NPP)/Joint Polar Satellite System (JPSS) program.

Qwaltec provides mission readiness support to the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Flight Projects Directorate. Qwaltec develops simulation programs, acts as the simulation/rehearsal director, provides launch preparation support to mission managers, develops mission implementation plans, supports integration and test activities, and develops launch documentation. Programs include JPSS, NPP, GLORY, GLAST, LDCM, and STEREO.

Qwaltec provides systems engineering, operations preparedness, mission implementation, and I&T for the Space Environment Testbed (SET). Qwaltec documents customer requirements and coordinates engineering evaluations for the Instrument Synthesis & Analysis Laboratory (ISAL). Qwaltec developed a task analysis and training development plan for NASA Johnson Space Center’s Biomedical Systems Division Project Development Branch.

Logo | Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin

Qwaltec performs systems engineering and program management for a government data processing system, including project lifecycle maintenance, requirements planning, product standardization, risk management and transition planning. Qwaltec develops classroom and interactive web-based training for data processing and exploitation analysts. Qwaltec develops operations manuals, maintenance manuals, and training for a deployable operations system.

Qwaltec developed a custom training and certification program for data processing and exploitation analysts which included operations and training assessments, task analyses and job role definition, training objectives, training and certification guides, operational procedures, and over 40 hours of on-line training curriculum.

Qwaltec provided security documentation for a system that manages secure data exchange between networks.

Logo | U.S. Army

U.S. Army

Qwaltec was awarded the U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation (PEOSTRI)’s Omnibus Contract II (STOC II).  STOC II is a multiple-award, indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity (ID/IQ) contract with a $17.5 billion cap over as many as 10 years.  As an awardee in the Small Business lot, Qwaltec is eligible to bid over the life of the program on a variety of delivery and task orders to meet the Army’s needs.

Qwaltec assessed joint manned unmanned (MUM) training for Aerial Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance (A-ISR) and Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) programs.  This included developing training requirements, incorporating UAS training into various training facilities, and conducting an economic analysis for several courses of action.

Qwaltec evaluated A-ISR training for army pilots, operator/analysts, and system maintainers supporting Special Mission Electronics Aircraft (SEMA) missions and developed a training plan for implementing a new A-ISR Mission Training Facility.

Logo | Excalibur Almaz

Excalibur Almaz

Qwaltec designed a high-quality, cost-effective training program for Excalibur-Almaz, a private spaceflight company which plans to orbit manned spacecraft for space exploration and research. Qwaltec has also performed several technical assessments including a feasibility study on the effectiveness of using the Apple iPad for EA training and operations.

Logo | Tectura


Qwaltec performed systems engineering, requirements management and functional integration of commercial airplane systems. Qwaltec developed an operations concept, system requirements and implementation plan for the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) in support of their implementation of a new project management system.

Logo | Harris


Qwaltec developed an ops concept and a working prototype for an information database system that spans across multiple intelligence disciplines.

Logo | GeoEye


Qwaltec provided mission readiness and training support to GeoEye through the identification and development of operations telemetry displays to support GeoEye real-time operations and satellite engineering. In addition, Qwaltec supported the planning, development, and evaluation of GeoEye-1 simulation exercises and rehearsals. Qwaltec also supported training development and instruction on satellite command and control activities for the GeoEye-1 operations teams.

Logo | SAIC


Qwaltec coordinated mission readiness activities for the CALIPSO NASA GSFC satellite mission, including simulation planning, rehearsal coordination, and development and checkout of payload activation procedures. Qwaltec conducted an operational assessment of safety, reliability and quality assurance (SR&QA) flight controllers for NASA space station and space shuttle engineering personnel. This is the initial phase towards the design and development of a training and certification program for SR&QA personnel.