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Latest News, “GOES-16 weather satellite could be a game changer”

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Mission Readiness

Qwaltec engineers ensure a ground system is ready and its mission operations personnel are properly trained and certified for satellite launch and on-orbit operations. Qwaltec engineers have extensive mission readiness experience on NASA, DOD, and commercial programs.

Qwaltec mission readiness services include:

  • Simulation planning, execution and evaluation
    • Simulator requirements
    • Simulation timelines and scenarios
    • Simulation and rehearsal plans and scripts
    • Rehearsal dry-runs
    • Table-top management simulations
    • Conduct of simulation exercises
    • Simulation and rehearsal evaluation and debriefings
  • Procedure and documentation design and development
    • Development and verification of operator procedures
    • Development of system user documentation including users and reference guides
    • Development of test procedures
    • Development of mission rules